Introducing The Rankbreeze Pricing Engine

Published: September 6, 2022
Rankbreeze Pricing Engine
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For the past few months, our fantastic team of developers, support people, product owners and more have come together to release our latest feature in Rankbreeze, the Pricing Engine.

What is the Pricing Engine?

Rankbreeze’s Pricing Engine is an easy-to-use dynamic pricing tool that brings together powerful pricing strategies that combine price optimization & rank optimization together. 

This is by far the most flexible tool we’ve come across and will allow you to set up a pricing strategy that’s unique to your market & property types. 

All the while mixing rank optimization into your revenue management strategies.

Here are a few highlights:

  • Build flexible custom pricing rules & stack them on top of each other
  • Automate pricing updates based on real-time changes
  • Maximize different seasons with custom rules & sensitivities
  • Instant setup with our Pricing Wizard
Rankbreeze pricing engine rules

Why You Must Try It

We think there are 3 important reasons to come on board today:

  1. It’s really really fun to use! We love it and think you will too!
  2. We truly believe revenue management should & must include rank optimization – that’s why we built it
  3. We’re building the next-generation Revenue Management solution that helps you get more bookings & prices your nights optimally

Our Goal For You

We want to grow your booking revenue higher and higher, month-over-month. It’s that simple and we believe this new Pricing Engine is the next natural step toward that

Pricing engine wizard

How Do You Get Started

Do I need an integration?

Yes, you’ll need to have a Property Management System (PMS) that’s integrated with Rankbreeze for the Pricing Engine to work.

Check our integrations page to see all the PMS systems we integrate with today

Keep in mind that our Listing optimization tools & Market Data features don’t require any integrations 💪

If you’re looking to enhance your Airbnb pricing strategy, check out these valuable insights and tips on maximizing profits.

New User?  👋

With Rankbreeze, you’ll get rank optimization, price optimization & competitor property data.

It’s very easy to get started and even though you need an integration to get the Pricing Engine setup, you won’t need it for the rest of our tools.

Visit this page & start your trial today

Current User  👋

This new feature is included for free (yay!) and we’ve already activated it in your account already so please login here.

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