Product Update – March 2023

Published: March 6, 2023

At Rankbreeze, we’re always striving to provide you with the best possible listing optimization techniques & data

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce several new features that will give you the upper hand today

🎉  Keyword A.I. Description Writer

“Rejuvenate after a long day in this luxurious vacation home with high end amenities and breathtaking ocean views.”

Want a description like this?

Our latest update includes AI written descriptions that help you blend SEO keywords into your listing beautifully

Just click ‘examples’ in the Keyword Tool today

Rankbreeze's Airbnb Description AI writer

How to get started:
1)  Log in and click on a listing
2)  Go to the Optimization Hub for the listing
3)  In the Keyword tool, click ‘Description Example’ to create a sentence using the keyword

🎉  New Data: Conversions, Click-Through-Rates & Views

Click-through rates, conversion rates & impressions are very important to your visibility.

Airbnb especially values conversion rates & clicks.

You can monitor your property’s conversion rate data easily with our latest Chrome Extension update

Check it out today!

Airbnb conversion rates in Rankbreeze

How to get started:
1)  Install the Chrome Extension & enter your account details
2)  Go to the Airbnb hosting dashboard & click ‘Insights’

🎉  New Data: Monthly City Rankings (Beta)

Renting your properties for monthly stays?

See where your property ranks for Monthly accommodations on Airbnb

Airbnb considers a mid-term rental to be 28 nights or longer, so if you’re targeting monthly stays that long – this is important for you

If shorter stays are more of your style, check out the Weekly Rankings

Monthly Airbnb rankings by Rankbreeze

How to get started:
1)  Log in and click on a listing
2) In the Calendar Rankings Chart, you’ll see tabs for Weekly & Monthly rankings

🎉  Integration: Hospitable (Pricing Engine)

Our latest integration pushes Pricing updates from Rankbreeze’s Dynamic Pricing Engine to the Hospitable PMS

Setup your pricing rules in Rankbreeze & send crucial pricing updates over to Hospitable today

Hospitable & Rankbreeze integration

How to get started:
1)  Log in and click ‘Integrations’ on the menu
2) Select Hospitable & press Connect
3) Match your Rankbreeze listings to Hospitable’s listings

Enjoying this update?
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Thank you!

Tips, Tricks, & Shoutouts 📢

Airbnb Pre-Booking Message ‘Glitch’
Do you have a pre-booking message setup? There may have been a glitch in the Airbnb system that’s impacting some Hosts. So give it a reset, just in case

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