Optimized Listing Descriptions

Our methodology of creating optimized listing descriptions is considered foundational & backed by our research and data.

Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Top Phrases

For your new listing description, we’ll research your top competitor’s titles, summaries, space sections, and guest access sections to create the foundation of your new listing.

Injecting their top keywords into your own listing so Airbnb can organize yours alongside them. In the meantime, we’ll help you divert attention away from those competitors and gain better rankings and views.

Work Alongside Airbnb’s ‘Personalization’

One of the most powerful places you can be is being highlighted right inside your top competitor’s listing. This is normally known as the “similar listings” area.

While we can’t peak into the personalization that Airbnb provides it’s users, we can do our best to gain more views by positioning ourselves alongside the biggest revenue generating listings in your area.

Revenue & Rankings Focused Analysis

Our process involves analyzing your top earning competitors as well as their search visibility. It’s a fine balance that allows us to position your listing for higher pricing, better imagery, and increased visibility.

This combination of assessing your top earning competitors and their rankings is our answer to a truly holistic optimization.

Photo Optimization Suggestions & Reporting

After discovering your top 13 competitors, we also look at how we can please Airbnb’s artificial intelligence aspects by suggesting themes in their images that would help your own listing.

We’ll find patterns such as color, contrast, and illumination that your competitors also have and that you can match up with too.

Stay Appealing, While Conversion Focused

Even with all the fun technical SEO stuff, our talented team of writers, editors, and researchers are excellent at conveying a powerful story of your listing.

We’ll add Call-to-Actions in the most suitable places and provide a listing that’s scannable and easy to read.

When a guest can zero-in on exactly what they need and make a booking decision quickly, it gives confidence that your business is well organized too.

I came across RemoteScale on YouTube as I am constantly looking for new ideas and techniques to improve our Short Term Rental business. After watching Kelvin’s various videos, I contacted RemoteScale directly to inquire about their listing optimization services. At the same time, I signed up for RankBreeze, their AirBnB ranking analyzer.

RemoteScale reviewed and optimized two versions of one of our listings that was ranking on page 14 amongst its competitors. After implementing the optimized listing, we moved from the 14th page to the 2nd page in 20 days!

We are VERY happy with the results and feel confident that our listing will be on the first page within the next week.

Thomas & Tina Barry


60 Day Money Back Guarantee For This Service

As a reminder, this is an additional service to the users of Rankbreeze. The reason for this is because we don’t see a reason or way of creating SEO driven listing descriptions without first measuring where you and your competitors are.


$279 for 1 Listing
$199 for 2 or More Listings

This service is only available inside of the Rankbreeze application. It’s our belief that the foundation to proper Airbnb SEO is to know where your listings rank first – and you can do that with our software.

To get started, head over to our pricing page and join Rankbreeze today!