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Track Rankings For Every Guest Count

Optimize Your Open Calendar Dates Better

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Weekly Reporting of Your Listings SEO Performance

Add-On:  Optimized Listing Descriptions

  • Revenue & Rankings Focused Competitor Analysis
  • Conversion-Driven Writing & Appeal
  • Designed to work alongside Airbnb’s Personalization Algorithm
  • Photo Optimization Suggestions
  • Promotions Campaign & More…

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track my rankings?

As you know, a traveler has several ways to narrow down their search and ultimately make a booking. We try our best to make sure you’re able to stay on top of all those different ways.

All our search data is provided from an incognito browser window. Which means less personalization is involved but it’s also from the viewpoint of a brand new guest since the profile has no history.

Currently, we track your listings in 2 ways: Open calendar rankings and Top-level city rankings.

Open calendar rankings look at your rankings for each calendar date you have coming up. While the top-level rankings provide your rankings data compared to the entire city. Listings that perform best in the top-level rankings are outperforming their competitors across the board when it comes to higher search visibility.

What is your cancellation & refund policy?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for the Rankbreeze software and a 60 day guarantee for our hands-on services. If you’d like to cancel, just reach out to our support within the app and we’ll get you sorted.

What does search visibility mean?

In many tools, you may be provided with a single ranking when in fact, this simply isn’t how Airbnb works in the real world. You don’t just have one single rank to watch, you need to see how your performing across every guest count and more. Search visibility is part of our mission to provide the best data so you can see multiple viewpoints.

Can I trust the data?

Yes. This is the exact same results that a new guest on Airbnb would be seeing from their perspective. This profile is brand new to Airbnb and we are constantly watching the status of our data collection.

Who is this for?

Vacation rental managers & owners that would like to capture higher search visibility on Airbnb. We help to ensure the optimization changes you make are actually helping your rankings, not hurting them. It all starts with tracking your listings first so that we aren’t making optimization changes blindly.

Do you have support?

Yes, we offer email and video support. We’d like to help you in away way possible to make sure your search visibility¬†is up and bookings are coming through.

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