Airbnb Listing Titles that Convert

Published: July 6, 2023
Creating Great Airbnb Listing Titles - optimization tips for Airbnb hosts to improve visibility and increase conversions

You only have 50 characters to make the most of your Airbnb listing title and attract more guests. The title is one of the first things potential guests see, and it greatly influences their decision to click and book your property. In this article, we’ll provide step-by-step guidance on crafting irresistible Airbnb titles.

Understanding Your Guests’ Needs

Think of your Airbnb listing titles like a first date. You don’t just want to make a good first impression but also a lasting impression. In creating an effective title, it’s important to understand what your target audience is searching for and how they search. By meeting their needs, you can improve your listing’s visibility and increase your chances of conversion.

Search Suggestions

Start by going to Airbnb and type in the area of your listing in the search bar. Airbnb will display search suggestions and prioritize certain results since Airbnb is a match-making system. Pay attention to these suggestions as they provide valuable insights into what guests are looking for.

Airbnb search with suggestions for Airbnb listing titles.

Ask yourself a few questions: What points of interest are in the listing area? What amenities are my guests looking for? And what other top-ranking keywords can you utilize in your own title?

Amenities and Points of Interest

Consider including location-specific keywords in your title to attract travelers interested in specific areas or landmarks. As Airbnb has made recent updates to include these in search results. This optimization technique will help your listing appear in relevant searches and attract the right audience.

Airbnb search listings highlighting travel time to points of interest.

Emphasize the attractive amenities and unique features of your property in the title. Mention room types, landmarks, or distinctive attributes that capture potential guests’ attention. Use keywords that showcase the essence of your property, such as “Luxury Beachfront Villa with Private Pool” or “Charming Cottage Steps From the Beach.”

Customize your title to appeal to specific types of travelers by using adjectives that resonate with their preferences. Tailor your language to make your listing more appealing to luxury travelers with words like “upscale,” budget travelers with “value,” outdoor enthusiasts with “scenic,” couples with “intimate,” or families with “spacious.” Adjectives play a crucial role in capturing the attention of your target audience.

Experiment with different keywords and rearrange them until you find a suitable template, such as “Cozy Studio Apartment – Perfect for Couples” or “Spacious Loft near Downtown Arena.”

Crafting a Clear and Memorable Airbnb Listing Titles

  • Create a concise title that remains within the 50-character limit while being memorable and attention-grabbing

  • Capitalize words like you would in a book title to give it a professional appearance

  • Include essential information that attracts potential guests, avoiding clichés and overused phrases

  • Provide enough information in your title to highlight critical details about your accommodation, We recommend including its location and amenities toward the beginning of your title

Captivating Mobile Users and Enhancing Visibility

While a title may appear perfect on a web browser, it could be too long for mobile app users. Mobile devices automatically truncate longer titles, replacing the excess text with an ellipsis.

For instance, consider the title “Deluxe beachfront villa with private pool, stunning ocean views, and exclusive amenities.” On mobile devices, it would be shortened to “Deluxe beachfront villa with private pool…”

It’s crucial to remember that character limits exist to ensure your title is fully displayed on both desktop and mobile devices. On the mobile app, only the first 32 characters are visible. If your title exceeds 32 characters, prioritize the most important information.

Airbnb Listing Title in the Airbnb App.

Using the Top Rank Listings for Ideas

In the Ranking Breakdown table, you can click on details and see the top rankings for that time period. Look for ideas and gather keywords from the results. Keep in mind that Airbnb adds a little randomness to search results so that guests might find listings with no reviews or rare finds. Incorporating some of the keywords from top-ranking listings can help improve your visibility.

Rankbreeze software showing Ranking Breakdown for Airbnb Listing Titles.

Keyword Ideas

Rankbreeze’s Keyword Ideas tool suggests words and phrases to use for increased visibility. These phrases are based on top-ranking properties. Not only does this remarkable tool provide suggestions for Airbnb listing titles, but it also equips you with keywords to elevate the impact of your property descriptions.


Rankbreeze software showing Keyword Ideas in the Optimization Hub for Airbnb Listing Titles.

Test and Optimize

To improve your listing’s performance, continuously test and optimize it using tools like Rankbreeze’s Optimization Journal. Experiment with different approaches and analyze how they affect visibility and rankings. Your goal is to actively focus on optimizing click-through rates.

The Optimization Journal is an innovative tool for tracking the effectiveness of your title optimizations. Recently, a results metric with more ranking details and time durations was added, making A/B testing simpler and more insightful.


Rankbreeze Updated Optimization Journal


Save time and effort into crafting an enticing Airbnb listing title, with Rankbreeze you can significantly enhance your property’s visibility and attract more guests. Remember to consider your target audience’s needs, incorporate relevant keywords, and optimize your title based on data-driven insights. With a clear and memorable title, you’ll be well on your way to improving your Airbnb listing’s performance and increasing conversions.

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For more information about Airbnb’s search and ranking algorithm, you can refer to Airbnb’s Resource Center article on the topic. For a comprehensive guide on Airbnb ranking factors, check out this informative blog post: 28 Airbnb Ranking Factors

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