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Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer (Contract Role)

Who Are We? (

We’re a young startup that helps Short Term Rental Managers generate more revenue. This ranges from improving search visibility on booking platforms like Airbnb, determining the best prices for their listings, areas to invest, owner management, and more.

Our current clients range from 1 bedroom apartments to property managers with hundreds of listings. Our primary mission is to help property managers reach more guests and achieve more bookings, which is more important than ever.

Who We’re Looking For

A skilled full-stack Ruby on Rails developer, who loves to build great products and is strong in back-end architecture, front-end design, and has a “hacker” mentality to explore the unexplored – all while remaining focused on our mission to help property managers generate more revenue.

You also love to explore APIs, build with high-quality, and ship quickly.

Primary Duties

We need your help in completing our product roadmap. We have a web-app that is based almost entirely with Rails, but with a small bit of NodeJS. We also have a chrome extension that is currently a separate product that needs to be integrated with our core application.

Some examples of work would be:

  • Re-adjusting the way we show rankings to customers, based on dates coming up, instead of the past.
  • Discovering and playing around with the Airbnb API dashboard to manage our users’ listings
  • Optimizing the database because we collect lots of data (300 GBs so far!)
  • Creating ways in which we can help generate more revenue for our users through automation and exceeding their expectations

Our Current Tech Stack

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Stimulus
  • Bootstrap
  • Postgres
  • Google Cloud
  • NodeJS
  • HTML
  • CSS

What We Offer

  • Remote environment
  • The ability to launch products and features to an existing global userbase

To Apply For This Role

Please fill out the form below and provide your answers to these few questions:

Before beginning, please try to include the word “Apple” somewhere in your reply. You can simply add it at the end of a sentence, or be creative in working the word into your responses. We’ll leave that up to you!

  1. What projects have you worked on that you’re the proudest of and what was your role in these projects? Why do you believe these to be your best work? Please provide relevant URLs too.
  2. Are you more comfortable with backend or frontend work?
  3. Do you have experience building hotel or real estate technology, pricing tools, or marketing software? Please describe.
  4. What is your comfort level with each of the technologies we stated in our tech stack? Please provide URLs of where your work with these technologies has been contributed to.
  5. Please describe a normal day for you?
  6. How many hours do you have available per week to work in this role?
  7. What is your expected pay? Please define whether that number is monthly or hourly.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to speaking with you.