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Save Your Profile & Local Currency

Get revenue estimates for any listing in your own currency

That’s all you need to get started with AirReview

However, if you have an API key from Rankbreeze, enter it in after saving your profile

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Here’s a walkthrough video for extra help

Skip to 1:50 for the fun part
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How We Help

Get Rental Stats For Any Property With One-Click

Position the Airbnb map and then press the “Get Listing Data” button

Try this area here

Competitor Airbnb MultiCalendar

If you don’t see these buttons on Airbnb 👆 then refresh the Airbnb page

Avoid Bad Guests & Screen Reviews

Check the reviews of your upcoming guests to see what they like, what they don’t, and if they even leave reviews

Try it out on this profile

Competitor Airbnb MultiCalendar

Extra Insights Into Your Daily Hosting

Keep an eye on your revenues with our convenient calendar bar chart

Click one of your listings on the calendar page

Competitor Airbnb MultiCalendar

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