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AirReview Is The Best Airbnb Chrome Extension For Hosts

I am a new host and this is the perfect hosting tool. I will be using it from now on as part of my screening process. Thank you!

Vikki S.

Airbnb Host

Great. Airbnb generally favors the guests (since that’s where most of their profits come from) and tends to screw the host when it is convenient for them. This tool evens out the playing field a bit.

Luke J

Airbnb Host

It works like a charm! I have used it for a year, and love it.

Lawrene D.

Airbnb Host

What to expect?

Airbnb Rental Data

  1. Go to any search results page on Airbnb, or any listing
  2. Then click the “Get Listing Data” button

Ready? When the extension is installed,
try out this Airbnb search results page

AirReview Rental Data Example

Guest Screening Tool

  1. Goto your Airbnb inbox and find a potential guest
  2. Goto the guest’s Airbnb profile (click on the profile picture in the ‘Reservation Details’ section)
  3. Then you’ll be on the Guest’s profile and you’ll see reviews that this guest has left other hosts

Ready? When the extension is installed,
try out this Airbnb guest profile

AirReview Rental Data Example

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Works great, even shows when a host has reviewed but the guest has not. Found out about this from a podcast and its an awesome tool for screening.

Jenny P.

Airbnb Host

This is a must have for every host on AirBnb! Thank you for creating it. It saves so much time!!!

Inna G.

Airbnb Host

This works transparently. I actually had forgetten it was an extension until I used my niece’s computer and immediately missed seeing the reviews of the guest. A must have for hosts!

David B.

Airbnb Host

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AirReview do?

AirReview makes it easier for Airbnb hosts and investors to see every Airbnb’s average income & provides easier guest screening

With the extension installed, you can do the following:

⚡  See average income for any Airbnb property – just need to click the “Get listing data” button

⚡  Screen guests easier by scanning the reviews they’ve left other hosts. This helps improve your hospitality and avoid negative reviews

⚡  Measure your listing’s revenue performance easier by seeing new charts in the calendar views

🏆   AirReview was featured on Forbes as a must-have hosting tool as well!

Install the extension & our quickstart guide will guide you the rest of the way

How do you use AirReview?

Install AirReview on Chrome

After you’ve installed the browser extension…

Follow the instructions in this video

What browsers does AirReview work on?

AirReview works on Google’s Chrome browser for now

How much does AirReview cost?

AirReview is free with some limitations.

For example, you can get valuable rental data for an entire page on Airbnb’s search results but only a limited number of times per month.

After, if you’d like to upgrade, you can do so and get Rankbreeze, which unlocks all of AirReviews rental data features

Do you have support?

Yes, we offer email and you can contact us at [email protected]