An Easier Way To Check Your Guest’s Reviews

Check if the guest is picky, troublesome, or easy to host – install AirReview today! Easily see the reviews they’ve left other hosts

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AirReview Is The Best Airbnb Chrome Extension For Hosts

I am a new host and this is the perfect hosting tool. I will be using it from now on as part of my screening process. Thank you!

Vikki S.

Airbnb Host

Great. Airbnb generally favors the guests (since that’s where most of their profits come from) and tends to screw the host when it is convenient for them. This tool evens out the playing field a bit.

Luke J

Airbnb Host

It works like a charm! I have used it for a year, and love it.

Lawrene D.

Airbnb Host

Works great, even shows when a host has reviewed but the guest has not. Found out about this from a podcast and its an awesome tool for screening.

Jenny P.

Airbnb Host

This is a must have for every host on AirBnb! Thank you for creating it. It saves so much time!!!

Inna G.

Airbnb Host

This works transparently. I actually had forgetten it was an extension until I used my niece’s computer and immediately missed seeing the reviews of the guest. A must have for hosts!

David B.

Airbnb Host

Frequently Asked Questions

What does AirReview do?

AirReview makes it easy to see reviews Airbnb guests have left, right on their profile page.

As an Airbnb host, you can tell a lot about guests by the types of reviews they’ve left.

If you’re not sure about a guest or just want to save a few minutes in your day, you should add us into your hosting tool box!

Here are a few questions that AirReview can help you answer:

  • What’s important to a guest and what would they appreciate?
  • Do they match my ideal guest that I would like to host?
  • Do they leave bad reviews usually and are difficult?
  • Will this guest leave any reviews at all? Or are they a super reviewer?

AirReview was also featured on Forbes as a must have hosting tool!

Install the extension & discover more insights about your guests today!

How do you use AirReview?

Install AirReview on either your Chrome or Firefox browser

After you’ve installed the browser extension…

Make sure you are logged into your Airbnb account and go to this guest profile page to see how AirReview works and adds a guest’s reviews to their profile page.

Try this page after you’ve installed the extension

What browsers does AirReview work on?

AirReview works on Google’s Chrome browser and Mozilla’s Firefox browser

How much does AirReview cost?

AirReview is free! We’ll be adding additional features soon too

Do you have support?

Yes, we offer email and you can contact us at [email protected]