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I am a new host and this is the perfect hosting tool. I will be using it from now on as part of my screening process. Thank you!

Vikki S.

Airbnb Host

Great. Airbnb generally favors the guests (since that’s where most of their profits come from) and tends to screw the host when it is convenient for them. This tool evens out the playing field a bit.

Luke J

Airbnb Host

It works like a charm! I have used it for a year, and love it.

Lawrene D.

Airbnb Host

Investment Data & Insights For Every Airbnb

Revenue for any listing, anywhere in the world

Competitor Airbnb MultiCalendar

Pricing details & occupancy rates instantly for your market

City & Neighbourhood Market Reports

Create a custom market report for any area you’d like – big or small

Position the Airbnb map or enter an address

Competitor Airbnb MultiCalendar

Get data for any area – big or small

Revenue insights for any market and custom comparables

Competitor Airbnb MultiCalendar

See top properties & revenue-generating amenities

Occupancy & pricing details of your market

Competitor Airbnb MultiCalendar

AirReview Pro Includes Our Flagship Product, Rankbreeze

Join 5,000+ Airbnb hosts who use AirReview everyday

Get your listings to the top of Airbnb

Rankings from Rankbreeze

Optimize your prices & track competitors

Competitor Airbnb MultiCalendar

A/B test your listings title and photos

Future proof your vacation rentals

Works great, even shows when a host has reviewed but the guest has not. Found out about this from a podcast and its an awesome tool for screening.

Jenny P.

Airbnb Host

This is a must have for every host on AirBnb! Thank you for creating it. It saves so much time!!!

Inna G.

Airbnb Host

This works transparently. I actually had forgetten it was an extension until I used my niece’s computer and immediately missed seeing the reviews of the guest. A must have for hosts!

David B.

Airbnb Host

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between AirReview Pro and regular AirReview?

AirReview Pro is the upgrade to AirReview. It allows for an unlimited number of searches to reveal Airbnb rental data while you search around the Airbnb website. The data includes estimated revenue, occupancy rates, and average nightly rates

AirReview Pro also comes with our flagship product, Rankbreeze. AirReview Pro is powered by Rankbreeze, which is a software product that helps improve your Airbnb search rankings, optimize your prices, and provides market insights

What is Rankbreeze? How do I use it?

Rankbreeze is our flagship product that helps you optimize your listings, prices and investment opportunities

Rankbreeze is our web application and it comes with AirReview Pro

You’ll use AirReview Pro to position your Airbnb map and we’ll grab all the listings in the area and produce a market report of investment opportunities and insights about your market

How many listings can I add into Rankbreeze?

With the plan above, you can add up to 10 listings into Rankbreeze. You can always add more later and also more market reports

What is a Market Report?

A market report is created when you position AirReview Pro over a neighbourhood on Airbnb and we’ll grab all the listings in the area and show you investment opportunities and market insights

This would include top properties, which amenities are helping listings generate more revenue and more

How many market reports do I get?

Each account comes with 1 market report and you can use AirReview Pro to create one for any area. You can add more markets later as well

Do you have a refund policy?

We have a 30-day money back guarantee with your purchase. We simply ask for your feedback at the end to improve on our end

Do you have support?

Yes, we offer email support and have a knowledge base for any frequently asked questions. You can also contact us here if you have any questions