Airbnb Summer 2023 Release: Listing Optimization Tips

Published: May 25, 2023
Airbnb summer 2023 update - optimization tips for Airbnb hosts - enhanced Airbnb host profiles

The summer of 2023 brings interesting updates to the Airbnb platform. The Airbnb Summer 2023 update introduces new features and enhancements that cater to Private Room Hosts &  helping guests save more money.

Today, we’ll explore the key updates from the hosts point of view and discuss how you can leverage them to maximize your Airbnb hosting potential.

Boosting Private Rooms and Hosts

Airbnb search results with enhanced Host Profiles

We can see a noticeable difference in search results for private rooms in certain cities, particularly when guests’ initiate a default search with no specific guest count or set dates in mind.

This presents an excellent opportunity for hosts with private room listings to attract more guests during in search, thereby increasing the property’s booking potential.

Don’t host a private room?

You can develop a strategy that only has Private Room availability during the weekdays and a parent listing for the Entire Home that’s only available on the weekends.

Operationally speaking, this strategy is tougher to run because of the fine details and you’re switching business model, but we’ve seen it work well for some property managers & hosts during the slow seasons.

Interactive Host Profiles In Search Results

Airbnb host profiles opening up in Airbnb search results pages

Airbnb search results now showcase special passports that appear alongside host profiles. This feature allows hosts to establish trust and engage potential guests by showcasing their personalities, backgrounds, interests, and travel history.

By taking advantage of this interactive host profile, you can effectively convey your unique qualities and improve your chances of bookings.

You might not think that optimizing your Host Profile would do much but remember that Airbnb is a marketplace so the more trust you’re able to build up, the more competitive you’ll be.

Show off your personality and think of it like an online dating profile but it’s a date with your property!

Smarter Search Autocomplete

Airbnb has enhanced its search suggestions by optimizing place names, ensuring more relevant property listings appear in search results, and removing any duplicates.

This improvement streamlines the search process, making it easier for potential guests to find your listing right in the Search Bar.

To benefit from this update, ensure your listing has important keywords in your title and detailed listing details that aligns with popular search terms.

Be sure to use Rankbreeze’s Keyword Idea’s tools to reverse engineer top ranking property’s keywords.

Rankbreeze's Airbnb Description AI writer

Highlighting Distance from Points of Interest

To assist travelers in making informed decisions, Airbnb now highlights the distance between a listing and specific locations entered by guests. The location can be an exact address or a point of interest.

Although you won’t be able to physically pick up your property and move it to a better location that’s closer to attractions, you can consider how this would improve the conversion rates of property’s going forward that are closer to popular attractions.

Highlighting Infant and Kid-Friendly Amenities

Airbnb search highlighting distance from points of interest

In response to the growing number of families using Airbnb, search results now highlights kid-friendly amenities in search results.

Features such as arcade machines, ping pong tables, cribs, and high chairs are given a special boost directly under the listing’s title.

Airbnb search listings highlighting family oriented amenities.

By investing in family-oriented amenities, you can begin to future proof your property & evolve with Airbnb’s algorithm & business strategy.

Highlighting Monthly Stay Amenities

Airbnb search listings highlighting monthly stay amenities.

For hosts trying to capture mid-term stays spanning several weeks & months, Airbnb search results now emphasize dedicated workspaces, verified Wi-Fi speeds, and EV chargers directly under the listing title.

What else is important to guests staying longer term? Consider investing into a gym, faster Wi-Fi, and high-quality kitchen amenities.

The Airbnb Summer 2023 updates bring exciting opportunities for all hosts, not just Private Room Hosts, to capture more bookings, increase visibility and revenue.

Prepare for the upcoming busy season by making sure your listing updates are helping your listing – not hurting it!

You want your Airbnb listing to be moving upwards to page 1, 2 or 3.

Measure your Airbnb rankings directly within Rankbreeze & get a full scope of where your property ranks from multiple searches for all your guest counts.

Don’t forget to utilize the Optimization Hub as well!

Stay ahead of the competition, embrace these updates and make the most of your Airbnb business.

Learn how to optimize your Airbnb listing for increased bookings and earnings with valuable insights from Rankbreeze’s expert tips.

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