How Does Airbnb Sort Listings?

Published: July 18, 2023
Overview of How Airbnb Sorts Listings.

When users search for accommodations on Airbnb, they are presented with a list of listings that are sorted based on over a hundred variable and ranking factors. Some main factors include location, availability, price, quality, instant book option enabled or not; super host status; response rate, and time.

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Location: Listings closer to the search location appear higher in the search results

Location is one of the most important factors affecting Airbnb listing sort order. This makes sense because when searching for a place to stay, you likely have a specific destination in mind.

Listings closer to the guest’s desired location will naturally be more relevant and helpful for them. Airbnb uses geolocation data to determine the distance between each listing and the search location.
The closer a listing is, the higher it will appear in the search results. This means that if you’re searching for a place to stay in Paris, listings within the city center will generally appear before those in outer suburbs or neighboring towns.

Airbnb search highlights attractions and time from for how does airbnb sort listings.

It’s worth noting that even within a given city, there may be variations in how different neighborhoods or areas are prioritized based on user behavior and preferences. For example, if many users tend to book listings in a particular neighborhood, Airbnb may prioritize those listings higher up in search results despite their distance from your exact search location.

Availability: Listings with available dates that match the search criteria appear higher in the search results

Another key factor that affects Airbnb listing sort order is availability. After all, what good is finding a great listing if it’s unavailable when you need it?

When you conduct an Airbnb search, one of the first filters you’ll see is for dates. You can enter your check-in and check-out dates to filter out any listings that aren’t available during your desired time frame.

Listings with available dates that match your criteria will appear higher up in the search results than those with unavailable or partially unavailable dates. This ensures that guest only see listings that are an option for their trip.

Price: Lower prices appear higher in the search results

Price is another essential factor that affects Airbnb listing sort order. Generally, listings with lower prices will appear higher in the search results than those with higher prices.

However, only some budget listings will be prioritized over more expensive ones. Instead, Airbnb uses a variety of factors to determine which listings offer the best value for money. For example, a moderately priced listing with excellent reviews and amenities may appear higher in the search results than a cheaper but less appealing option.

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When guests conduct an Airbnb search, they can use price filters to narrow down their options based on their budget. However, remember that these filters may not be 100% accurate due to fluctuations in pricing over time or differences between fees.

Quality: Listings with better reviews and ratings appear higher in the search results

Airbnb takes into account the quality of each listing when determining the sort order. Listings with better reviews and ratings from past guests will generally appear higher in the search results than those with poor or no reviews.

This makes sense from a user perspective: if you’re going to stay somewhere new, you want to know that other guests have had good experiences there. By prioritizing high-quality listings, Airbnb helps ensure that users are more likely to have positive experiences themselves.

Of course, this does mean that newer or less-established hosts may need help to get noticed at first. But as they build up positive reviews and ratings over time, their listings will gradually climb up the sort order ranks.

Quality is a ranking factor for how does airbnb sort listings.

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Other Factors that Influence Airbnb Listing Sort Order

When scrolling through the search results on Airbnb, you may notice some listings appearing higher than others despite similar pricing and review ratings. This is because Airbnb takes into consideration other factors that can influence a user’s decision to book a particular listing.

Here are some additional factors that affect the sort order of listings:

Instant Book

Listings with the Instant Book feature enabled tend to appear higher in the search results. Instant Book allows guests to book a property without waiting for host approval, making it a convenient option for last-minute bookings or for guests who prefer not to wait for confirmation. Hosts who enable this feature are more likely to attract bookings as they offer greater convenience.

Superhost Status

Superhosts are experienced hosts who Airbnb has recognized for their exceptional hospitality skills and ability to provide an outstanding guest experience. Listings hosted by Superhosts appear higher in the search results as guests are often attracted to their proven track record of delivering high-quality hospitality and accommodation. Becoming a Superhost requires meeting specific criteria such as maintaining high ratings, accepting booking requests promptly, completing reservations without cancellations, and having no negative reviews.


Metrics needed to make Superhost in Airbnb.

Response Rate and Time

Hosts who respond quickly to inquiries from potential guests tend to appear higher up in the search results, as it ensures that potential guests receive prompt responses when they reach out with questions or requests. However, response rate alone isn’t enough; response time is equally important as well. A host may have an impressive 90% response rate, but if it takes them several hours (or even days) before getting back to potential guests, they may lose out on bookings since other hosts may be more responsive.

While location, price, availability, and quality of listings play a significant role in determining sort order on Airbnb’s platform, other factors such as Instant Book, Superhost status, and response rate time are also important in influencing a listing’s visibility to potential guests. Hosts who consider these factors when optimizing their listings can increase their chances of attracting bookings by appearing higher in the search results, ultimately leading to more successful bookings and overall success on the platform.


How Airbnb Sorts Similar Listings

Personalization: Airbnb Uses an Algorithms to Personalize Listings

Airbnb uses a sophisticated algorithm that considers more than 100 factors to personalize the listings displayed to users. The algorithm considers variables such as a user’s past bookings, search history, and behavior on the site.

For instance, if you have frequently booked apartments with high-speed internet, Airbnb’s algorithm will likely display listings with fast wifi speeds at the top of your search results. The algorithm also takes into account other factors like the time of day or week, location, and type of trip.

For example, if you’re searching for a beach vacation during the summer, Airbnb may show you listings near the oceanfront or with pools.

Similarly, if you’re traveling for business purposes and need a place with good workspaces or meeting rooms nearby, Airbnb’s algorithm will consider this when sorting similar listings.

Randomization: Ensuring Fairness in Search Results

To ensure fairness in its search results and prevent any one particular listing from always appearing at the top of searches within similar listings groups over time due to personalization factors affecting too many people simultaneously (such as everyone searching for beachfront properties at once), Airbnb also uses randomization techniques.

Similar listings within each sort order group are shuffled randomly within their respective groupings so that all eligible listings have an equal chance of appearing first in users’ search results. This means that even if two properties have identical features and amenities like price range and distance from city centers but differ slightly in one factor (say one has a pool while another does not), both will still get visibility in search results according to how they rank on other important criteria.

Overall, it’s safe to say that personalization is essential for giving travelers relevant options tailored just for them based on their unique preferences. Airbnb also recognizes the importance of fairness and has measures in place to ensure that all eligible listings can appear in search results.

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For more information about Airbnb’s search and ranking algorithm, you can refer to Airbnb’s help article on the topic. For a comprehensive guide on Airbnb ranking factors, check out this informative blog post: 
28 Airbnb Ranking Factors.

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