Airbnb Hacks: Finding the Right Amenity

Published: July 28, 2023
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Airbnb Hacks

If you are looking for Airbnb hacks, you probably know that finding the right amenities can significantly impact the success of your rental. With so many options available, deciding which amenities will attract more guests and lead to higher occupancy rates can be challenging. Two popular choices that often come into consideration are the hot tub and the ping-pong table. In this Airbnb hack, we will explore the benefits of each and help you determine which one is the perfect fit for an example Airbnb rental.

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Embracing the Sun in a Warm Climate

The location of your Airbnb rental plays a crucial role in the selection of amenities. In a warm climate with sunny weather for most of the year, outdoor spaces become a significant selling point. Utilizing the outdoor area with the right amenity can elevate the guest experience and, in turn, increase your rental’s appeal.

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Airbnb Hacks: Occupancy and Keywords

To make an informed decision, let’s start by examining occupancy and keyword data related to these amenities. Surprisingly, while outdoor recreation is listed as a higher occupancy, it is currently placed on page two of Airbnb search results.

Keyword tool to find outdoor recreation under Rankbreeze Keyword ideas.

On the other hand, the hot tub, which is listed at a slightly lower occupancy rate, appears to have a higher average ADR.

Keyword tool to find hot tub under Rankbreeze Keyword ideas.

Airbnb Hacks: Analyzing Amenity Mentions in Reviews

We turn to the Amenity Analyzer and the Review Analyzer to gain deeper insights into the guests’ preferences. The data from these tools reveal that the hot tub was mentioned only once in reviews, whereas the ping pong table received numerous mentions. This indicates that guests are more likely to discuss and appreciate the presence of a ping-pong table in the listing.

Airbnb reviews using Rankbreeze Review Analyzer to gain insight on target guest.
Airbnb reviews using Rankbreeze Review Analyzer to gain needs of target guests.

Market Scanner Report: Revenue Comparison Hack

Next, for this Airbnb hack consider these amenities’ revenue aspect using the Market Scanner Report. For this analysis, we focused on 4-bedroom listings as an example.

Airbnb Amenities using Rankbreeze Market Scanner to review revenue.

The report unveiled that a hot tub listing earned an average revenue of $2594, while the ping pong table listings earned an average revenue of $2560. The difference in revenue is negligible, making both amenities equally lucrative options.

Airbnb report using Rankbreeze Market Scanner to review amenity revenue.

The Significance of Hot Tub as an Amenity

Considering the scarcity and the impact of the hot tub as a filter on Airbnb, it becomes an essential amenity for certain guests. Those seeking a hot tub experience will likely use this as a filtering criterion while searching for accommodations. Therefore, if your target audience includes travelers looking for the luxurious and relaxing experience of a hot tub, this amenity becomes a compelling addition to your rental.

Popular Amenities filter for Airbnb SEO.

Availability and Competition

Examining the availability and competition of these amenities further aids in our decision-making process. With only one hot tub listing among 4-bedroom properties, it becomes a unique and potentially sought-after filter for guests. On the contrary, running a search on the area with the amenity filter found 675 listing in the area with a hot tub, indicating higher competition.

Airbnb search with hot tub amenity for Airbnb SEO.

Making the Right Choice: Ping Pong Table

While both amenities possess their unique charm, the ping pong table is the more suitable option for a family-friendly rental with a pool. As demonstrated earlier, the average listing revenue for both amenities is quite similar. However, ping-pong tables are generally more affordable, easier to maintain, and quick to replace than hot tubs. For a property that caters to families and active guests, the recreational appeal of a ping pong table can be a significant attraction.


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Finding the right amenity for your Airbnb rental is a critical decision that can impact your occupancy rates and overall success as a host. While the hot tub and the ping pong table are both fantastic choices, carefully considering your rental’s location, target audience, and budget is essential. The Hot tub’s exclusivity and appeal make it a valuable amenity for specific listings, while the ping pong table’s recreational benefits and affordability make it an excellent choice for family-oriented rentals.

By leveraging the insights provided by Rankbreeze and understanding your guests’ preferences, you can make a well-informed decision that aligns perfectly with your rental’s unique characteristics. With the right amenity in place, you can provide your guests a memorable and enjoyable experience. Leading to positive reviews, increased bookings, and a thriving Airbnb rental business.

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